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Fresh Spring Rolls (3)

Fresh Spring Rolls (3) $7.95 Thin rice paper wrapped iceberg lettuce, cucumber, carrot, cilantro, mint leaves, glass noodle and tofu, served with …

Spicy Garlic Edamame Chili

Spicy Garlic Edamame  $5.95 Soybeans sautéed in garlic, butter & house special brown sauce

Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky $8.95 Deep fried marinated beef served with spicy house sauce

Sunny Pork

Sunny Pork $7.95 Deep fried marinated pork, served with spicy house sauce

Samosa/Curry Puff (6)

Samosa/Curry Puff (6) $5.95 Crispy pasta shells stuffed with seasoned potatoes, peas and carrots, served with cucumber salad

Cream Cheese Puff (6)

Cream Cheese Puff (6) $6.95 Cream cheese and avocado wrapped in a wonton wrapper and served with glazed chili sauce

Crab Rangoon (6)

Crab Rangoon (6) $6.95 Cream cheese, imitation crabmeat, red bell pepper and green onion wrapped in wonton wrapper and served with sweet …

Coconut Shrimp (6)

Coconut Shrimp (6) $8.95 Battered shrimp coated with shaved coconut and served with sweet & sour sauce

Bong (4)

Bong (4) $6.95 Marinated shrimp and avocado wrapped with a rice paper shell deep fried to golden brown

Gyoza (6)

Gyoza (6)  $6.95 Pan fried chicken dumplings served with sweet and spicy soy sauce